Do this Michael Way

[Verse 1]

Michael, why the angels took you I just dont understand,
You brought us to this place, and now youve left it in our hands,
So well carry you forever in our hearts and our minds,
And well remember all the things you said that moulded our lives,
And though youre gone well all continue to make that change,
Though the man in the mirror doesnt quite look the same,
Just know were here at the end, and we were there at the beginnin
Now I wouldnt be suprised if the world stopped spinnin
For Michael...


Lets all make that change,
Find comfort in pain,
Stand in Michaels Name,
And make the world a better place.

Join hands across the Earth,
We can Heal the World,
Do this Michaels way,
And make the world a better place

[Verse 2]

You were the one that gave Gods word a beat,
And while you sang, we were hypnotized by your feet,
So light a candle for Michael and remember the time,
That he brought the world Thriller and he blew our minds,
This aint the end, its the beginning of a brand new day,
Michael, your name lives on as your music plays.
On heavens dance floor youll be getting down to Bad,
With James Brown, and Luther Vandross and his dad...




The world has lost its greatest entertainer of all time, but more importantly it has lost a kind, caring, wonderful person. We are all Michaels family, and family stick together. Its up to us now, to make that change.
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